Collaborative Jupyter notebooks in the cloud
The future of data science tools

CodeDown provides a "sandbox" where you can work on Jupyter notebooks alone or with collaborators. Notebooks are represented as documents with the features of a collaborative document editor: full edit history, commenting, etc.

Try a blank sandbox
Clone a notebook-containing repo
Upload a notebook (.ipynb)
IDE features

CodeDown integrates with the Language Server Protocol to provide IDE features like

  • Autocomplete
  • Lint warnings and errors
  • Jump to definition
  • Hover popups
  • Signature help

Sharing, forking, commenting, and more

CodeDown makes it easy to collaborate with the features you're used to from enterprise-grade document systems.

History and snapshots

Every keystroke and piece of code output is recorded in history. You can use the history browser to jump to a snapshot of your document at any point in time.

Package management

CodeDown helps you install and manage library dependencies using tools like pip.

You can also install a huge number of general purpose packages through Nix.

Built-in terminal

Every sandbox provides terminal access, if you prefer to use command-line tools.